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Gentile Bellini




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Unusual colours, and masterful use of tones and light - these are the most important characteristics of paintings by Gentile Bellini, a Venetian painter from the turn of the 15th century. Bearing in mind all the enthusiasts of this artist's work and all who want to decorate their interiors with grade A art, we created a collection of Gentile Bellini reproductions from bimago! Canvas paintings inspired by religious motifs can become stylish decorations in a living room or dining room. Discover the reproductions of Gentile Bellini that give new possibilities for interior arrangement!

Canvas Reproductions Gentile Bellini

The artist Gentile Bellini, also known by nickname Giambellino, lived and created in Italy on the turn of the 15th and 16th century. His family were recognised as outstanding art creators at that time. Gentile Bellini' s brother and father were also painters, the latter of whom was, in fact, Giambellino’s master. Besides him, the Italian's brother-in-law , Andrea Mantegna, also got involved in the education of the next generation of Italian artists. Gentile Bellini created in the Renaissance period. He is considered the founder of the famous Venetian school of colour. Giambellino himself was equally eager to pass on his knowledge to others. His students were, among others, Titian, Palma il Vecchio and Giorgione. When it comes to the subject matter of paintings, Gentile Bellini was famous for his extremely successful portraits, as well as for religious works. He created canvas paintings in various sizes: from big altarpieces to smaller works intended for private homes. The Italian artist willingly depicted in his paintings Venetian doges and Madonna, for which he was particularly famous.

Reproductions of paintings by Gentile Bellini for the wall

Thanks to reproductions of Bellini’s paintings, you can also feel like prominent connoisseurs of art from the Italian Renaissance period. The high quality of our reproductions will allow you to notice the extraordinary range of colours used by the Italian master, as well as the play with lights. Gentile Bellini’s reproductions will be an excellent addition to an office or bedroom, due to the peace coming from his works. Pictures hung in the bedroom will undoubtedly be the subject of many long discussions during social meetings. At Bimago store, you can find canvas prints, as well as reproductions in Premium Print quality, which are distinguished by a three-dimensional surface.