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Anton Graff




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Anton Graff was a Swiss painter who was creating at the turn of the 18th century, considered one of the best portrait artists of his epoch. His subjects were monarchs, actors and philosophers, quite often depicted on a dark background with no details. Among Anton Graff's paintings, you can also find landscapes. If you want to commune with the art of the Swiss artist on an everyday basis, choose Anton Gross's reproductions from bimago! These decorations in the form of canvas prints will look best in classical interiors.

Reproductions of paintings by Anton Graff

Anton Graff is an extremely talented Swiss painter. The artist lived and worked at the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries. In addition to creating paintings, he was equally eager to share his knowledge. He was, among others, a lecturer at the Dresden Academy of Arts.

Portraits brought him the greatest fame and recognition. During his career, he developed his unique style and created nearly 2,000 different types of drawings and paintings that can be admired in museums and art galleries around the world. His portraits, apart from the physical structure of the figures, also showed the nature of the painted figures. This approach to art gained the recognition of well-known figures of the time. The painter portrayed actors, singers, kings or princes, and thinkers.

Reproductions of Anton Graff paintings for the living room wall

Anton Graff's paintings are a great idea to complement the interior design of a living room, office or bedroom. In the bimago offer you can find both landscapes that facilitate rest and concentration, as well as famous portraits. Anton Graff's reproductions are distinguished by their high quality. You can choose from several versions: high-quality print, as well as Premium Print quality, which is distinguished by its three-dimensional surface.

Reproductions of Anton Graff's paintings will look great in classically decorated interiors. Their style will perfectly harmonize with heavy furniture made of natural wood, as well as with floors or accessories made of this material. It is also worth taking care of the color of the walls. Uniform, subdued colors will not overshadow the paintings and will be a perfect background for them. In turn, additional, spot lighting will emphasize the values of the paintings.