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Anthony van Dyck




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Sir Anthony van Dyck – a Flemish baroque artist and the leading court painter in England. One of the most influential painters of the 17th century, he mainly created portraits and biblical and mythological scenes, and he was also an outstanding draughtsman. His masterpieces from the bimago reproductions of Anthony van Dyck's collection include a portrait of Charles I of England and many other iconic paintings. The free elegance that characterises the artist's paintings means that they will find their application in almost every room. Choose where to hang the great picture!

Reproductions of paintings by Van Dyck

Anthony van Dyck - the son of a merchant and an embroiderer who lived at the turn of the 16th and 17th centuries - became famous as an outstanding author of portraits. In the course of his work, he managed to create his own unique style, which over time became an artistic signpost for other young artists. His talent was noticed by the British royal court. He became the court painter to King Charles I, creating portraits of aristocrats that can now be counted in the hundreds. Looking at the overview of the works of this Flemish artist, it is impossible to hide the fact that he created in the Baroque. And so, apart from portraits, in his work you can also find works that are strongly dominated by religious and sacral themes, focused around suffering. In the bimago gallery you can find famous religious paintings also by other artists - check out the Reproductions collection.

A Van Dyck painting for the wall of a room or office

The dominant theme in Van Dyck's paintings is certainly not universal and is not intended for everyone. However, it will delight lovers of classic images and difficult, but legible content. Strong figures shrouded in baroque fog or a kind of martyrdom are a good idea to complement the decor of a living room, study or office. Van Dyck, creating his paintings, certainly saw connoisseurs of art gathered around them, admiring the slender yet expressive brushstrokes. The paintings will bring a certain mystery to the interior and raise the mood. They will perfectly match wooden, heavy furniture, expressive wallpapers with rich ornaments or golden accessories that will emphasize the baroque character of the work. When hanging such a picture, it is also worth taking care of its proper lighting. One that will emphasize all the brush strokes and the colors used. Reproduction of Rubens' student's painting is also a great gift idea for a loved one.