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Is it time for a quick, affordable and effective renovation of walls? Bimago posters in the 30x30 cm size will be perfect to develop even the smallest spaces - due to their proportions, 30x30 cm posters in frames for walls will not overwhelm the decor, but it will give it some sharpness! Do you want to create some decoration on a bigger wall? It couldn't be easier! The best solution will be to create a personalised gallery of posters in the size of 30x30 cm, hung next to one another. To get a coherent, harmonious effect, we suggest choosing posters with a similar theme and colour palette.

30 x 30 cm posters with frame

The square is one of the most universal, omnipresent shapes out there. Take a 30 x 30 poster from bimago's collection and you will transform your living quarters in the blink of an eye. The shape of a square perfectly matches modern interiors. Without overwhelming the living space, you can add a tasteful detail with a simple 30 x 30 poster. Using 30 x 30 cm posters you can create an awesome gallery that will change your wall from dull to intriguing. Pick parrots and other animal motifs to bring a breath of fresh air to the room. Pick lovely portraits, floral themes or timeless paintings from well-known artists and your interior will gain a new, unique aura. Choosing toned, pastel pictures you can bring a balanced, peaceful atmosphere to the room. Bedrooms will especially benefit from a well-placed 30 x 30 poster. Spaces around your night light are the best choice for a framed poster. A flower in a flowerpot is another detail that will beautifully match a poster. Posters depicting flowers will underline the image of a pot with a flourishing flower better than any other wall decor. Kids rooms are a brilliant space to bedeck with posters. A girl's room will benefit from posters depicting her favourite princesses, unicorns and fairy tale themes. A boy’s room, on the other hand will benefit the most with dinosaurs, superheroes and cars. Each and every time that you decide to put a poster on the wall you change the interior with just a few clicks. Choose an image that will be ideal for your personal space, hang it on the wall and that's it! Our experienced designers made sure that the choice of posters at our website will suit your needs. Regardless if it's a modern interior, a Scandinavian one or a vintage living space, on bimago's website you will undoubtedly find the right 30 x 30 poster frame for you!