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Are you looking for an idea for a unique and, at the same time, universal decoration of your interior? Choose posters in the 20x30 cm size from the bimago collection! Decorations in the form of posters in this size will be perfect in various combinations. You can use them in your home as well as in your office. One poster hung on a wall or placed on a shelf, or maybe a gallery of a few decorations placed above a sofa? Discover the collection of 20x30 cm posters and see for yourself how little you need to give your interior a unique character!

20 x 30 cm posters with frame

The compact size of bimago's 20 x 30 poster makes it the perfect wall decoration for virtually every interior. A single 20 x 30 poster frame will be an awesome detail in kitchens, hallways and waiting rooms in various kinds of commercial spaces. Using one of our posters you will send a clear message to the visitor in the blink of an eye. A vivid, abstract painting when displayed in the form of a 20 x 30 poster from our website can transform a dull interior into an intriguing, out of the ordinary space. On the other hand, posters depicting toned, delicate images will beautifully embellish hairdresser's salons and any business space focused on beauty. By creating a gallery with 20 x 30 posters every room decorator can tell a fascinating story with our mesmerizing images. Galleries are specially fit for bars and restaurants where, with a well-placed choice of pictures framed in a 20 x 30 poster, you can introduce an atmosphere into the interior. Restaurants will benefit from panoramas and vertical portraits whereas bars and pubs will be perfect for vintage images of old cars, gramophones, 1800s fashion and sketches of burgers, hot dogs and pizzas. Your kids’ room is another place where a poster can make all the difference. With a choice as vast as the one at our website, you will surely find the perfect posters to bedeck your little one's wall.Posters with quotes will be an awesome wall decor in your living quarters. Depending on the room, bimago's collection contains the perfect quote. Make it simple. A single 20 x 30 poster with a timeless quote above the couch or bed will make you smile every time you take a look. Modern interiors are ideal for a quote poster or a pastel abstract painting. Just choose the right frame, order and you can be sure that it will be an eye-catcher for every guest in your household. A poster is always a good gift. Accessories like a poster will be more than perfect for your friends living quarters. You know best whether to choose a sport poster or a delicate image of roses, one thing is for sure – a gift like a poster will create a priceless memory in your loved one's heart.