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Do you love trekking through the mountains, and do you wish to paint a painting that would remind you of them? With the set for painting by number with the mountain motif from bimago it is easier than you might think! When filling the spots with paint, according to the instruction inside, you will create a breathtaking landscape with the summits covered in snow, picturesque lakes between the rocks or the mountains in the summer sun! A finished painting can be hung in your bedroom, dining room or office - it will certainly add charm to your interiors and help you relax.

Paint by numbers scene

Whether we speak of European Alpes, the Himalayas in Asia or Andes in South America, we always conjure up images of spectacular mountainous views that take our breath away and make us feel like setting off on a new trip. These rugged, rocky, and often snow-capped natural wonders provide unforgettable visual experiences that are difficult to compare with any other feeling. How about bringing at least a snippet of these beautiful landscapes into your home? A cosy living room would never look the same with a striking mountain picture in the centre. And there is something even better. Now you can create these wonderful views yourself with our mountains paint by numbers! Are you ready for your next adventure?

With our painting by numbers mountains, you will get a chance to combine your artistic vision with an enjoyable activity that brings about remarkable effects. That is not only a calming pastime but also an original way of spending your weekends. Painting by number is a perfect hobby for people of any age. And it does not matter if you are artistically gifted or not. It is the thought and your need for a new challenge that count! Thanks to our paint by numbers mountain scenes, you can change long winter evenings into enjoyable moments in which you will plan your next adventure. In summer, you can take the kit into your garden and feel like a real artist who is deriving inspiration from the natural surroundings. In our offer, you will find dozens of picturesque paint by numbers mountain scenes. There are jaw-dropping sceneries with spectacular ridges and alpine meadows, low hills at sunrise and deep blue lakes reflecting the mountainous grandeur. We provide you with a set of paintbrushes and paints so that you are fully prepared for your painting adventure.