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Strong and calm. A true king of the savannah with a lush mane. The lion symbolizes power, pride, and courage. Paint by numbers lion, the king of animals, carries the spirit of wisdom, justice, masculinity, strength to overcome life's problems. Lion painting kit is full of bright colours that will stimulate your imagination. Draw with pleasure, because beauty created with your own hands, moments of inspiration and creativity are unforgettable moments in life. Bimago takes great pleasure in letting you experience just that.

Colourful lion paint by numbers

With a paint by numbers lion kit you can harness the power of the most powerful cat out there with a simple canvas. You will not only enjoy the image for days on end but most of all you will create it yourself! It's really super-easy. The canvas comes ready to use, pulled over an eco-friendly wooden frame. It has outlines with numbered spaces. The numbers correspond to the numbers of the colours of paint. Even the sizes of the brushes are perfect for the complexity of your painting. Space by space, you will create your own majestic lion. Our rich collection provides you with all kinds of lion depictions. From rainbow lion paint by numbers to toned, delicate images of lion cubs, everybody can find the right lion at bimago's website! Portraits of lion males with their mesmerising mane will be ideal for offices and comercial spaces, bringing a one of a kind, energetic atmosphere. Just imagine, coming to work and seeing that lion face which you painted! Households bedecked with such wall decor can also benefit from the unique feel that a depiction of a lion can give!

Lion cubs are among the sweetest critters out there. Gift your loved one a paint by numbers colourful lion kit from our collection and by that give them not only a canvas. You give them hours on end of relax and peace when painting their own king of the cats! The range of lion depictions on our website is simply vast. Abstract, vivid portratis, complex images with every whisker precisely sketched, symbolic cat faces and many, many more, you just need to choose the right cat for you! Such an image can transform an interior in the blink of an eye. Be it a restaurant, bar or pub or a household wall, with a lion paint by number kit you will bring a breath of fresh energy to the room without a doubt.