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If you are searching for inspiration, relaxation and comfort in everyday life, we have just the right solution for you. Mindfulness sets of posters from bimago are the compositions created with those people in mind, who would like to create a home retreat and oasis to relax and focus. The galleries of yoga posters include a balanced colour palette, inspiration quotes, dreamy landscapes, and cubist forms. The Mindfulness posters will be a great addition to the decorations of the interiors you relax, read or exercise in.

Wall of frames with motivational texts

Displaying motivational texts on walls as a form of decoration has been gaining popularity in recent times. Such a decorative element works great in a set of posters that combine eye-catching graphics and inspirational texts. These quotes, written in a decorative font, often colourful, not only catch the eye but also make the onlooker stop for a moment and contemplate. They are perfect is you want to change the mood in an office or waiting room. Just browse through our vast offer of ready-made sets and change the general atmosphere of the interior in a blink of an eye. Setting the right mood and atmosphere in a space is utmost important in places like yoga studios or gyms. If you are looking for an idea to refresh the feel of your studio, a quick, economical and very effective solution is to hang inspirational images intertwined with motivating quotes. Posters with oriental symbols will instantly put your customers in a pleasant mood which promotes relaxation and meditation. Our offer includes both framed and rolled posters. If you want to emphasize your chosen topic, choose a poster with a white frame or a chic, classic passe-partout. The framed poster can be hung up immediately after unpacking - thanks to the hanger attached to the back wall, you can hang your poster on the wall quickly and easily. Smaller spaces like studies or bedrooms will also benefit from a personalized photo wall display. Just select several of your favourite family pictures, match them with some of your favourite quotes and create a gallery that not only feasts the eye, but also nourishes the mind. A wall poster gives you endless possibilities for decoration and mindfulness-themed posters will be a perfect choice for very home or office.