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2 frame gallery wall


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The sets of two posters are an easy way to adorn an interior. These types of decorations work in various designs - you can use them in the interiors in the Scandinavian, industrial, minimalistic and boho styles. The galleries of two posters and diptych posters from bimago can be placed above a fireplace, a bed in a bedroom and even in a hall. Among our suggestions, you will find diptychs varying in terms of size, theme and colours. Choose a solution that will suit your taste the most and enjoy an uncommon decoration!

Hanging 2 pictures on wall

Two will always be better than one. Interior design is no exception. By placing a set of 2 pictures for wall from bimago's collection in your personal space you get the best of two worlds. Simplicity – two are all it takes. Style – a minimalist touch is what any interior will benefit from. Regardless if it's a vintage space filled with all those little details or a clean, spacious, Scandinavian design you can rest assured that a set of 2 posters from our website will tastefully bedeck your wall. Hanging two pictures on a wall has never been so easy. The posters are lightweight so there is no need to make unnecessary holes in your walls, you can hang them using just mounting strips. And this feature is a crucial one – with mounting strips you can arrange the posters any way you like. Align them perfectly to give the room an organised, tidy feel or pop them on the wall in a totally abstract way to introduce a breath of fresh air and positive energy to the room, the choice is yours to make.

Set of 2 posters

On our website you can pick from such a vast variety of options that you will surely find the right one for you. You can choose the size, shape and the colour of the frame. You can also choose the unframed option – which gives you the freedom to hang the posters on a string on a wall. This way you can change the order of the graphics whenever you wish and upgrade the decor with a new graphic from our website in the blink of an eye. The posters can also come with a tasteful passe-partout that beautifully underlines the graphic they depict. It really doesn't get any easier – just pick the right pictures, order and in a few days’ time you will enjoy a fresh, energetic feel in your personal space.