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About us:

We are the largest manufacturer of decorative products in Poland. We produce paintings, wallpapers and stickers. We have been operating for over 15 years, we work actively on 24 European markets. We are professional manufacturing company with advanced international position.

Our products can be found in prestigious companies and large retail chains in Europe.

We sell over 800 000 products a year, which over 70% is sold to individual clients. In the near future we plan to expand our market to USA, Brazil, Turkey and China.

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Do you sell online?
We have a perfect cooperation model just for you.

model współpracy

What does dropshipping (dropshopping) stand for?

1 1. You place our products at your online store (or other sales point) - when an item is sold, we post it directly to your customer.
2 1. You are responsible for reaching the customers and selling, we are responsible for production, packing and posting the product to indicated address.
3 We gain new market support to our products, you gain a professional and credible partner with years of experience in production, logistics and shipping. Typical win-win situation!

zasady współpracy

Why is it worth it? What do we offer?

No licence fees, no logistic minimum, no commission, no integration costs or other additional payments – We earn only if you do!
Important: No warehouse limitations – the products are always available as we print them in our factory in Wrocław.

Reduction of costs

- you do not have to invest in purchasing new products – we offer our production and dispatch

- no storage costs – we print the product after receiving the order so we do not charge for storing the goods

- no logistic costs – we take care of all processes regarding dispatch and packaging

- limited administrative costs – our team proceeds with producing and posting the orders

Convenient terms of cooperation

- Implementation of our offer to your e-store takes only 1-2 days

- we offer our full support during the integration process

- fast order processing (most of the orders is posted within 48 hours!)

- customized profit margins and additional discounts - we will gladly set individual cooperation conditions with you!

Business development

- more products in e-store means more content – it is beneficial for SEO and results in increased traffic

- daily update of our product file means your e-store will expand with new products everyday

- products in our product file are always sorted by popularity – by doing so you may display the best-selling product in the most exposed places

- our products are the result of experienced designer team’s work – in your e-store you can show patterns inspired by newest decorative trends

Comparison of two cooperation models with wholesalers Classic model Bimago Dropshipping
You do not have to invest in purchasing new products
No storage costs
Implementation of our offer in just 1-2 days
Customized profit margins, additional discounts
Posting the orders directly to customers
Order processing within 48 hours
No wharehouse limitations, on-site production, patterns always available

Why is it worth it - Summary

clear cooperation conditions – no licence fees, no logistic minimum, no commission or other hidden charges korzysci
you decide on sales margin
discounts for large orders (up to 20%)
fast order processing (most products are printed within 24-36 hours)
special prices for partners (prices of our products)
international development by cooperating with our company (we produce the goods in Poland and post them around the world!)
easy and fast integration of sales system, daily updates of product files and access to ASI system.

Automatic integration

Examples – they already cooperate with us:

More and more partners appreciate the advantages of our cooperation model and develop their offer with our products.

How to begin?

Interested in our offer?
Please, contact our Key Account Manager via email!
Tomasz Cyrek
[email protected]
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