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Mother Mary, often depicted with the Child, is a motif that appears in the works of numerous painters. If you are interested in sacred art or you are a religious person and wish to express this through the design of your house, we recommend prints of Mother Mary, referring to the works of art of the greatest masters! Prints of Mother of God from bimago will work best in classical arrangements in a warm colour palette. Prints with Mother Mary can be matched with other motifs of sacred art, which will allow you to create a wall gallery in a living room, bedroom or office.

Virgin Mary Canvas arts

Religious paintings are a subtle way to declare your faith. A painting with Virgin Mary can be a nice gift for religious ceremonies such as baptism, the holy communion or marriage. It will also make a great Christmas present. A painting of the Virgin Mary will remind you of your daily prayer, and that She always watches over us, provides comfort and hope. Virgin Mary on reproductions of works by great masters will be a beautiful decoration for a living room, dining room, office or, for example, a Catholic school or a devotional store. Our lady of Guadalupe canvas or any representation of Madonna by Leonardo da Vinci, El Greco, Sandro Boticcelli, Rafael Santi and many other famous painters, who studied religious themes, will add class and elegance to any room. They will fit perfectly with eclectic, glamorous, chic or classic styles. They will also complement retro, vintage and rustic interiors. For Scandinavian, industrial, bohemian or hampton style interiors, we recommend depictions of the Virgin Mary on modern paintings.

Our lady of guadalupe canvas print

It is impossible to think of Mary without thinking of Jesus Christ. It is because she accepted to become his mother this is why we honour her. This is why we see Her most often in paintings in His company: with her Child at her womb, weeping over the body of Christ descended from the cross, crowned by Him in heaven. The images of Virgin Mary represented on paintings are full of the joy of motherhood and these portraits with baby Jesus in her arms will be a perfect gift for a young mother or a decoration for a child’s room. On the other hand, the painful images, representing the pietà, can help to contemplate the way of the cross in the place intended for prayer: a house chapel or simply a small room.