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Acrylic Print Controller - 4 Parts [Glass] Nr 150630

Acrylic Print Controller - 4 Parts [Glass] Nr 150630

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Acrylic print "Controller - 4 Parts [Glass]"

Acrylic print "Controller - 4 Parts [Glass]" consisting of 4 parts characterized by its benefits such as background, geometric shapes and marble. Acrylic Print "Controller - 4 Parts [Glass]" - as well as other acrylic prints on glass from this collection. It surely can decorate your walls with curious way. Acrylic prints improve any room. Acrylic print "Controller - 4 Parts [Glass]" is made of a polymethyl methacrylate, popularly known as acrylic glass. This material is lightweight, does not discolor under the influence of UV light, so acrylic print "Controller - 4 Parts [Glass]" is slightly glossy and has a 3d effect. Wall decoration "Controller - 4 Parts [Glass]" is resistant to moisture, therefore it can be hanged in even in a kitchen or a bathroom.

Acrylic print "Controller - 4 Parts [Glass]" is an extremely practical and original wall art. Original, colourfull pattern"Controller - 4 Parts [Glass]" printed on acrylic glass gaining an amazing effect in modern interior. Take a look at the collection of acrylic prints in bimago online gallery, where you can find "Controller - 4 Parts [Glass]" as well as another motifs.

3D effect and color depth
high durability
Full HD printing
UV safe
Made in the EU

Technical data:

Technique: Digital print on acrylic glass
Material: Acrylic glass (acrylglass)
Finish: Gloss, 3D effect
Additional elements: Hanger, aluminum brackets and bumpers
Exposure: After hanging, the product protrudes from the wall by approx. 1.4 cm
Application: We especially recommend this product for rooms susceptible to dirt and characterized by high humidity