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François Gérard




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François Gérard was a French painter, draughtsman and graphic designer of the Neoclassical period. He mostly depicted characters connected to the European ruling families. The works of this artist were characterized by idealised form and muted colour palette. In bimago, we couldn't lack reproductions of François Gérard, which can become an unconventional decoration of a living room or elegant office, perfectly matched to natural wood and plain walls! Discover the reproductions of François Gérard and express your love for art through beautiful decorations!

Copies of paintings on canvas François Gérard

François Gérard was a graphic artist, a painter and a passionate drawer, born in France. However, he gained the greatest fame as a portraitist. Even though he was born in Rome, after living in the capital of Italy for 12 years, his family moved to France. His adventure with the arts started in Paris. He attended Pension du Roi – school in which studied many renowned artists. Furthermore, he learned directly from great masters, such as: Nicolas Guy Brenet, Jacques-Louisa Davida and Augustin Pajo. The French painter was given the title of baron. He also ran his own painting studio, and he taught future masters of contemporary arts.

Reproductions of François Gérard’s paintings

Paintings by François Gérard include, apart from portraits (of which the painter during his lifetime created about 300), mainly works with mythological and historical themes. Such a narration of works refers to the period in which the artist created, that is to neoclassicism. Reproductions of paintings available at Bimago include the most famous works of the French master. Busts or images of the whole silhouette will undoubtedly be a perfect complement to the interior design of the living room or dining room. A highly idealized form and subdued colours will introduce peace to an interior, and at the same time extravagance straight from an art gallery. While choosing works of this French artist, it is worth opting for classics – natural wood, smooth walls or wallpaper straight from the Baroque period, as such accessories will work best. Reproductions of François Gérard are distinguished by excellent quality and a strong emphasis on the details. You can choose from the Premium Print quality, which looks like a three-dimensional surface, hand-painted pictures, as well as canvas prints.