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5 frame gallery wall


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One way to create original wall decoration is a ready-made set of five posters from bimago! In this collection, you will find designs, which will perfectly fit in the atmosphere of modern arrangements based on minimalism, as well as in the classic and boho-stylised rooms. The set of five framed posters includes plants, landscapes, animal motifs, human figures, maps of cities and also street-style decorations! The choice is yours. Thanks to these sets of five posters you will definitely create a grand interior design that will delight your household and guests.

5 pictures on wall

When you decide to go for a 5-piece gallery wall from bimago's collection you get a one-of-a-kind feature. The odd number five ensures that the alignment of the graphics will be original and that the gallery wall 5 frames will bring a breath of fresh air and new energy to your room. The posters are lightweight and can be placed on your wall using just mounting strips so that you can avoid making unnecessary holes in your walls. This feature also allows you to compose them in a magical way – break the well-established rules of design and create your own, unique wall gallery that can be found nowhere else in the entire world. Most of our 5 pictures on wall compositions are made of posters which differ in their size and this makes the 5-photo gallery wall an even more creative piece of wall decor.

5 photo gallery wall

It does not matter whether you want to decorate a living room, a bedroom, an elegant restaurant, a busy pub or an office, you can rest assured that all of these destinations will benefit from a 5-piece gallery wall from our website. When you decide to choose the frameless form of graphics you can introduce even more creativity to your interior – pull a string over your wall and hang them on this string. This way you will be able to change their alignment or even refresh the composition by adding new graphics from bimago's rich collection. It's enough if you change the order of the pictures and the room gets a new feel to it. If you want to add images, it has never been easier. Just make your decision – which graphic to get, order from our intuitive website and in a few days’ time you will enjoy an even fresher space with your new gallery components. So, remember, „five” is not the limit here, you can quickly and easily upgrade your gallery thanks to the rich choice of wall decor in bimago's collection.