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Canvas Print Kiss
Canvas Print Reverie (5 Parts)
Canvas Print Pack (5 Parts) Wide
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Highlight your room’s character with beautiful and modern fivefold paintings, which will perfectly blend into the décor of your flat as well as your office or living room. Pentaptychs are an amazing complement or crowning of the decoration, which will make your interior stand out. Fivefold paintings on canvases are also a perfect gift for any occasion! Thanks to a wide collection of designs from bimago you can express yourself in an even more beautiful, five times bigger way with pentaptychs!

5 piece Canvas Prints

Check out our selection of 5 piece Canvas Prints wall art and find the best unique and handmade pieces from our wall decor store. With our Bimago canvas collection you can attain The farthest corners of your imagination. Do you feel like transforming your home, children's room or office into a new area with interesting design, but you lack ideas? Are you ready for a change, if you feel like some, then we have something perfect for you - 5 piece Canvas Prints. What is better than 1 Canvas Print? A whole set of 5 ! In this way you don't need to think which canvas will go with another one and your interior. You can buy the whole set and beautifully arrange them in the space You want. You can combine them in one room or through the whole apartment or office space.

Our graphic designers have come up with multi-part images to give it an even more original, stylish touch. Perfect for commercial spaces and offices. The prints are made using only eco – friendly technology, the frame is made with wood from sustainable sources and the canvas is made from materials that do not harm the environment. They are lightweight so that they can be hung on your wall using just mounting plaster – this way you avoid the mess of drilling and making unnecessary holes in your walls. Our graphic designers have come up with triptychs and other multi-part images to give the picture an even more original, stylish touch. Perfect for commercial spaces and offices. A set of 5 piece Canvas Prints adds style to the room and at the same time brings a spiritual feeling to the space. Just pick the perfect set that will fit your interior design, order, and in a few days’ time you will enjoy bedecking your walls with Bimago's canvas prints and see your personal space transform in three minutes or less.