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Decorative concrete is one of the modern design solutions. Walls in grey tones with the concrete motif are a perfect solution for people appreciating minimalism. Against all appearances, wallpaper imitating concrete will give your living room, kitchen, or home office a warm vibe and unique atmosphere. Concrete wallpapers, concrete for the wall, and the imitation of this material guarantee a stunning effect in the open spaces, lofts, and interiors with industrial, electric or minimalistic character. Check concrete wallpapers at bimago!

Cement look wallpaper

Civilisation has its milestones. Undoubtedly one of them is the invention of cement. When combined with water in the right proportions it turns into concrete which can be virtually harder than rock. With a straightforward cement finish wallpaper from bimago's collection of top-quality wall decor you will achieve a very trendy, minimalist effect. Perfect for modern interiors, a cement wallpaper provides the best of both worlds – an aesthetic, tasteful yet trendy, up to date backdrop for your everyday activities. Without a dominant motif, every concrete wallpaper UK will be the an irreplaceable solution for interiors where peace and balance matter. Libraries, various hallways, staircases, waiting rooms will benefit from a uniform, stylish cement look wallpaper. You can choose from two kinds of material with which our wallpapers are made – super easy to use self-adhesive wallpapers and ones manufactured with the use of interlining technology which conceals minor wall imperfections and provides additional thermal insulation.

Industrial concrete wallpaper

As many as four in five buildings on earth are built with the use of concrete. Most of them with relatively small, easily manoeuvrable blocks that weigh a few pounds. And those medium size concrete blocks look best as material for modern interior design. With that raw look you can transform your personal space into a one-of-a-kind, original room. Pair it with minimalist, modern furniture and some pop art canvas from bimago's unparalleled collection and there you have it! The perfect mix of old and new, simple and complex. One thing's for sure-STYLISH. A homogenous, grey concrete effect wallpaper is a virtually universal backdrop. With its seemingly smooth, uniform surface a concrete wallpaper will satisfy those who don't want that 'in your face!' effect, but when you take a closer look you will notice that it has its unique character, the character of the modern building blocks of civilisation.