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Brick wallpaper are getting more and more popular in decor, especially in interiors inspired by industrial, loft or minimalist styles. Although it gives the impression of austerity, when properly arranged, it adds some smart simplicity, giving the room a distinctive character. Bimago offers a wide range of 3D wallpapers that imitate natural brick. Such a three-dimensional brick effect wallpaper will give the space a unique depth, allowing it to be optically enlarged, and will be an interesting element of the arrangement.

Brick Effect Wallpaper

The popularity and allure of an exposed brick wall in modern interior design cannot go unnoticed. A textured brick wallpaper is a simpler way to give the interior the same look without the need of actually exposing the brick construction. Especially with the self adhesive brick wallpaper the total transformation of the wall can take place in a span of minutes. It doesn’t have to be the plain old brick pattern – our collection includes navy, rustic or vinyl brick wallpapers that you can choose from and get creative with while decorating the dining room, living room or bedroom. Even a bathroom can get a brick makeover with the bathroom brick effect wallpaper dedicated for this room. You can easily give any room a new feel without straining your budget with our high-quality but cheap brick wallpaper.

Textured Brick Wallpaper

If the rough and cool look of the brick wall is what you’re after, the most realistic brick wallpaper would be the best choice for you. Select the size and colour of the brick in the brick effect wallpaper or notch the realistic feel up even more with the embossed brick wallpaper. It can be a neat red brick wall or a weathered and shaded brick wallpaper with pieces of cluster falling off to give it a more vintage and authentic feel. To make it even more fun and unique, you can choose from a collection of graffiti brick wallpapers with many designs and patterns to make the room even more hip.

Realistic Brick Wallpaper

The industrial style is definitely a popular trend in modern design. You can achieve this look with the industrial brick wallpaper that would compose well with the rest of the interior. This kind of design suits well especially dining rooms and kitchens and would look great as a background for a TV set or a sofa in the living room.