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Tell your summer story

Home is a place where we cherish the most beautiful memories - moments of happiness that you brought from holiday travels and moments that we want to keep in mind. What story will your house tell this summer?

Get inspired by our summer stories

In a Mediterranean climate

In the tropical sun

Big City Style

What's your story?

summer-story tellyoursummerstory

Get inspired and tell your story with bimago! Or maybe you will share your holiday story with us? Take a photo of a summer-inspired interior in your style and tag it with #tellyoursummerstory! A big surprise awaits everyone who will take part in our campaign!

And that's just the beginning! The Tell Your Story campaign will last the whole year: let us show that thanks to the right arrangement, every house and every apartment can be unique - just like the people who live in it. Follow the bimago profile on social media and subscribe to our newsletter to keep up with us!

summer-story summer-story summer-story summer-story